Dear All,

have you ever think about how good pictures you can take? Or your acquaintances are always fascinated by your talent? To catch the perfect moment is not always easy but it really worth :) We are sure, during your Erasmus in Budapest there were a lot of memorable moments in your life. People, sights, cities, experiences, parties... It doesn't matter, just choose your favorite one(s) and upload it/them here in the Photo Contest event. 

How does it work?

You upload your pictures here and people can vote with Likes. The picture which gets the most Likes will be the winner one and its owner will receive of course a pretty prize on the Farewell Gala.

We close the voting on 12th May (Friday) 12:00.

So people, share your besties with us and win the most popular one! :)

See you,

ESN BME Mentors